About us

Our Commitment.

Ours is also a history of commitment and sensitivity to social and environmental issues.

Attention to the territory, which translates into a form of protection of the environment and development of a model of circular economy, both in the management of end-of-life of vehicles used for crash testing, and in the consumption of resources. We promote responsible behavior oriented to energy and water saving. We set precise environmental objectives and make a predictive measurement of risks by assessing the impact that certain choices may generate.

For us to respect the territory is also to respect and enhance the historical and cultural traditions of the community, in particular we have chosen to support culture and young artists by giving them the opportunity to improve and participate in major projects as opportunities for training and visibility.

Il Festival della Piana del Cavaliere

Accademia Internazionale di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale

Orchestra Filarmonica Vittorio Calamani

Promoting art and believing in its formative and advancement value, highlighting the link with the territory and supporting the talent of young people.

AISICO Association

The Association that organizes and coordinates all the benefits and social activities of the AISICO group, also engaging in the production of cultural events.

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